Move from Intention to Action


I am happy to announce the publication of my first book, written together with my daughter Jasmine Mauri, an inspired Art Counselor: 

Move from Intention to Action: Realize your most cherished projects.

You can find the book at the link:

With the pandemic raging around the globe our basic assumptions about life and business practices are challenged on a daily basis. It is clear that humanity is heading towards a momentous change and we have a choice: we can either be passive recipients of this change and suffer its consequences, or we can actively ride the wave of change by activating the power of our vision and intention and contribute to shape reality.  This is where this book can be useful to you. 

With this book we intend to offer you a clear method to create positive intentions to realize your most cherished projects. You will receive some reflections points and questions to test your intentionality and direct it wherever you wish. You will also find some practical tools to avoid common traps and pitfalls, the rocks against which our dreams often shatter. 

This book wants to come with you silently on your journey of self-discovery, to support you to activate the great resources within you. We wish you an exciting trip, full of adventures and laughter! 

Are you wondering who designed this vibrant book cover, with the key triggering the heart explosion? 

Picture by Nicola Artico, magical painter and eclectic music shaman.

Graphic design by Anna Castellari, designer of modern fairy tales, endowed with a great sense of humour!