Theme of the month: Vulnerability

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Do you think that being vulnerable is being weak? Well, it is just the opposite! Being vulnerable means to be authentic, transparent, connected with yourself and your own self-growth process.    It means looking at your mistakes with compassion and humor. Have a look at this video. It will make you wonder and laugh! 

Have you ever watched a baby, marveling at the ease of her movements, seemingly effortless and graceful? I have noticed the same grace in dancers, in trained athletes and in the simple gestures of a farmer or a mother for her children. I believe we all have the same capacity for natural ease, when we let ourselves be carried...

I am happy to announce the publication of my first book, written together with my daughter Jasmine Mauri, an inspired Art Counselor:

Once upon a time there lived two horses in the same stable, a black horse and a red horse. Every morning they used to walk out of the stable to run on the mountain meadows. Every evening, at dusk, they would come back to the safety of the stable.

A friend of mine meditates when she goes fishing early in the morning: she sits for hours in silent contemplation of the waves, watching the colors and the shimmering reflections of the light. When she goes home, her mind is peaceful, empty, refreshed ...